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Sashma provides a wide array of maintenance services, from buildings to grounds to equipment. We know each customer and facility has specific requirements. Our commitment is to customize a unique solution that adds value while reducing overall cost. Let us take care of your lighting, plumbing or security system installation.From building maintenance to janitorial services, we are your one source for comprehensive facility management services and cost savings.

Sashma facilities management is highly flexible, and comprises a portfolio of approaches designed to provide an optimum return on investment coupled with efficient cost-focused management. We can offer contracting, full maintenance and call-out facilities management services, with turn-key solutions and management methods being applied to suit each individual client’s requirements.

Maintaining the core functionality of your property is the bedrock of a successful performing enterprise or environment. Working as a partner to your business, our MEP and technical services team can function as either a multi-part or single service model.

Our integrated programs like preventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance, environmental health and safety, life cycle asset management, in conjunction with critical support functions that include help desk and call centers, cost management, and work order processing are fundamental to delivering high quality services that are safe, on time, and cost effective.

We serve customers in many sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, power plants and Governments.

Some of the benefits of our Maintenance Support and Services are:

We take care of your facilities management needs, your company can focus on its core business.