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Quality Policy


  • Strives to fulfill the needs and expectation of our customers by offering consistent quality in all our services.
  • Implements its Quality Policy through QMS which is binding for all the employees. No unauthorized alterations or deviations from the QMS are permitted.
  • Reviews its Quality Policy through regular management review meetings to ensure that service quality is maintained in line with the customer’s expectations.
  • Provides sufficient and suitable resources to implement and maintain the Quality Management System.
  • Provides an environment that fosters a spirit of pride in workmanship and teamwork among employees.


  • It is our objective to provide the satisfaction to our customers by providing high quality products on time, every time.
  • We are committed to providing safe working places to all of our employees.
  • Our company aims to expand operation by establishing branches to closely monitor our Customer’s needs.
  • It is our objective to bring highly innovative technology machines to support the continual development.
  • It is our operating philosophy to do it right from the first time, all the time.