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Sashma’ s renewable solutions strives/toils to provides Design Consultation, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Solar PV and also Operation & Maintenance services. SASHMA solar PV team has an advanced understanding of regulations and is involved with ongoing rulemaking at the local, utility, state and federal levels. We have acted on behalf of our customers to secure all permits and incentives to keep projects on schedule and at the agreed upon price. Sashma has the in-house technology, staff, and systems to continuously monitor solar PV operations, report alarms and problems, and dispatch maintenance staff using our work order management system. We also test and re-commission each site once a year. This O&M experience provides feedback to our design engineers, creating a virtuous cycle for continuous design improvements.


Roof mount solar power systems are a popular choice for governments, commercial and industrial facilities, Hospitals and Educational institutions. Building rooftops are an often-overlooked space with enough room for large solar arrays. Depending on the available roof area and your usage profile, you may be able to generate 100% of the energy you need through solar power. In some locations, excess power can be sold back to the electrical grid, potentially turning rooftops into revenue.

Benefits of Solar Roof Top


Off-grid solar systems offer a world of new energy opportunities in places where traditional power lines are too impractical or too expensive

Highway Infrastructure:

Illuminated signage and street lighting can all be powered without the expense of installing and maintaining power lines.


Deliver power to remote sites and reduce high infrastructure costs for network growth.


SASHMA provides design, procurement, and construction services for utility-scale solar farms. Our team has extensive experience contracting on large-scale solar energy projects in remote and desolate locations, and with our process-driven mindset to project execution in solar farm installations we are leading the way in the industry.

In order to improve efficiency, we decided to think differently. Our single-source approach allows us to streamline the construction process without compromising quality and safety, all while delivering a first in class renewable energy solution on time and within budget.


Solar thermal energy, which involves the heating of water through solar collectors, can be used to supplement the energy efficiency of a building’s existing HVAC system, or as part of a new hybrid geothermal/solar system. Separate from SASHMA capabilities in photovoltaics, which convert solar energy directly into electricity, our solar thermal projects make better use of the heat that the sun freely supplies to buildings.