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Consultation and Design Solution

Sashma Power Consulting Engineers are available for a free consultation to rapidly provide a high level power continuity Sashma offers a comprehensive range of services to support our customer’s power continuity requirements. Services include building the business case, designing solutions that will meet all the operational requirements, as well as implementing and supporting equipment in the field.

Solution design, cost estimate and assist with business case qualification.

Sashma Power understands how the Power Continuity business case relates to the various market segments. We can help qualify and document your business case at conception and our project managers take responsibility for the project right up to completion, commissioning and handover to operations.

Installation Services

Generator Installation – Site Survey – We will site survey your building at no cost to offer you a choice of backup generator options to suite your budget, to find the most cost effective system.

Generator Installation – Design – Sashma will design from scratch a purpose built generator system, providing the schematics and electrical drawings that you will need should planning applications be required.

Diesel Generator – Maintenance Services

Your choice for generator service packages

Planned Generator Maintenance Packages

Service and maintenance of diesel generators is key to backup power reliability. A well-planned maintenance programme is essential to the operation of any emergency power generation system.

As there is no such thing as a 'maintenance free' power supply system, all diesel generators need to be serviced regularly to ensure that they are operating efficiently and that their start-up batteries are in good working order. Weak or undercharged starting batteries are one of the most common causes of standby power system failures. Even when kept fully charged and maintained, lead-acid starting batteries are subject to deterioration over time and must be replaced periodically when they no longer hold a proper charge. Only a regular schedule of inspection and testing under load can prevent diesel generator starting problems.

A proven track record of generator maintenance for complete reliability in the provision of standby power generation has led Sashma’s long association with clients in industries where emergency power supplies are a vital lifeline.

Project Management

All projects are handled by a dedicated team of Project Managers, Technical Sales Support staff, Project Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineers based in our regional network of offices. They are highly qualified and experienced in providing solutions to complex power generation requirements.

From start to equipment handover, Sashma engineers work with you throughout the life of the project to ensure that your exact requirements are met.

Contract Maintenance Packages

We offer a range of generator maintenance and servicing contracts to suit every customer requirement from simple repair through to 24 hour 365 days a year service contracts with guaranteed response times to site.

All our generator service and maintenance contracts are backed up by our 24-hour call out and support team.

We offer: -

Power Rental

Sashma provides the latest technology diesel generator sets along with accessories for monthly / yearly rent of the following requirements

Advantage of Rental

For many businesses, renting power equipment offers a number of advantages over buying outright. Many of our clients rent generator sets from us to handle temporary power outages while electrical upgrades are being performed. Manufacturing and packaging facilities have rented equipment to help fulfill large one-off orders.

Here are some other benefits of short- or long-term power rental for businesses:

Diesel Fuel polishing and cleaning

Diesel engine fuel, when bulk stored for extended periods, can easily become contaminated with any number of foreign bodies from water and dirt to airborne microbes – a situation recognized by many of the major oil companies who now recommend that fuel and fuel tanks are cleaned on a regular basis.

Contaminated fuel can have a serious impact on engine life, performance and reliability, in particular where high pressure common rail injection systems are used on modern engines.

Fuel polishing systems offer simple and reliable solutions to the problem faced by operators and rental companies who store diesel in environments subject to water ingress or general contamination.

In each case, fuel is pumped from storage tank and polished removing virtually 100% of water and all particles down to 5 microns before returning back to tank, eliminating the expense of totally removing or replacing the fuel.

Sashma provides complete solution and system installation according to your plant diesel storage capacity requirements.